Island Murter, the pearl of central Dalmatia

Why visit Jezera and the island of Murter
The Adriatic coast is one of the most beautiful in the world, and its islands stand out in particular. The island of Murter, and the charming village of Jezera located in the southeast of the island, is an ideal choice for those who are not looking for overcrowded tourist areas, but also for those who find it important to be in a location from which you can easily reach various tourist activities and surrounding attractions.
Jezera on Murter are especially suitable for nature lovers. In addition to the two city's pebble beaches, Kučina and Zaratić, there are numerous bays, i.e., natural beaches that guarantee greater privacy and a complete holiday experience, and the great advantage of Jezera is 35 kilometers of hiking trails suitable for children and adults, where you can also cycle.
Jezera are also an excursion center. Every day, excursion fishing boats depart from the bay towards the nearby islands. Visitors looking for a more private experience will be interested in the fact that it is possible to rent smaller boats and enjoy a slightly different tour of the islets and bays. We especially recommend visiting the islet named Kukuljar Vodeni on which there is a small cave by the sea in which there is drinking water during low tide, and brackish (salty) during high tide. In addition to all of the above, it is worth mentioning that during the summer months, a sailing school is organized in Jezera, for all those who like to have the option of a more active vacation. Big Game Fishing, an international competition in sport fishing for big fish (tuna, swordfish, sharks) in the waters of the islands of Murter and Kornati, is also organized, and the same area is extremely suitable for diving lessons and getting to know the amazing marine fauna.
Less than a thousand inhabitants live in the village, who strongly support the preservation of tradition and culture, so from mid-July to early September, the event Jezerski dani mora takes place, which offers numerous cultural, entertainment and sports events. The friendly locals will be happy to direct you to several fascinating churches in the place, dating back to the 15th, 16th and 17th century.
From Jezera you have easy access to other parts of the island of Murter and accompanying attractions. Tisno is also very close, a very popular tourist destination where, among other things, Dimensions is held every year at the beginning of September, a festival of electronic music where visitors from all over the world come again and again. From secluded bays, to the possibility of an active vacation, all the way to nightlife, this island really offers everything.

Šibenik, Kornati and other attractions near the island of Murter
All those who once enjoyed the experience of vacation in Dalmatia want to come back there again. And it's not a happenstance. The Adriatic Sea is one of the cleanest in the world, many parts of the Adriatic coast are still intact, and nature, from dense forests to secluded bays and kilometers of beaches, is breathtaking. If you decide to spend your holidays on the island of Murter, you will be able to see everything first-hand – numerous pearls of Dalmatia will be at your fingertips. In addition to all the aforementioned activities and attractions located on the island itself, a very short car or boat ride will take you to some other beautiful locations. Head to Šibenik, a city of enchanting ancient part of the town, nightlife, as well as a Michelin-star rated restaurant.
Directly from Jezera you can take a one-day boat trip to the Kornati National Park, swim there and see everything from famous cliffs to forts and castles. Krka National Park is another must-see attraction of Dalmatia, located near Murter, only forty kilometers away. Skradinski buk and Roški slap and the vegetation surrounding them will give you a break from the high summer temperatures, and the entire national park offers enough activities for a full day visit. In addition to the list of famous attractions, we strongly recommend that you engage in spontaneous exploration of the Adriatic coast and the Adriatic Sea are so magical that some new spectacular sight awaits you around every corner.